A First Rate Ship of the Line - Sold

Thomas Luny (1759-1837) - Sold

A First Rate Ship of the Line - Sold

An incredibly fine oil painting on canvas depicting a Trafalgar period first-rater by highly regarded marine artist Thomas Luny.  The ship in the foreground is firing it's cannon, presumably saluting the arrival of a further ship heading in, the scene contains a good deal of activity with numerous figures and small rowing boats and with a highly detailed depiction of the first-rater in the foreground.  The painting is a very fine early example of the work of this well known marine painter; it is a good size and has a strong and detailed composition.  The painting dates to the early 1790's when Luny was working in the Deptford area and is a very fine example of his early work.  The painting is signed lower left, the paint around the signature is thin and the signature is somewhat indistinct however it can be made out on close inspection.   Luny's best work sells for up to £72,500 at auction and comparable paintings have sold in recent years for in excess of £20,000.  Probably one of the most important paintings currently being offered for sale on eBay. 

Price: Sold for £2,540 in a no reserve eBay sale on 26th June 2011

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