Guardroom Interior - Sold

circle of Pieter Jacobsz Codde (1599-1678) - Sold

Guardroom Interior - Sold

An extremely fine mid 17th century Dutch oil painting on panel depicting soldiers in a guardroom.  The present composition shows a very neutral setting which was intentional in order to emphasise the symbolism involved in the action of the figures. The figures are clearly soldiers drinking, smoking and keeping warm by the fire with their armour and weapons casually discarded confirming the contemporary perception of the army, or rather the mercenaries whom the Dutch Republic employed to fight their wars. These men were seen as lazy, mistrustful, of low moral standing and constantly engaged in acts of vice. As such the present composition may be viewed as a document which contains an intrinsic historical statement on a type of people living and working in the Netherlands in the 17th century.  The painting is clearly the work of a major hand, the style and palette are very close to the work of Pieter Codde though see also the handling of similar subjects by Gerard ter Borch (1617-1681) and Anthonie Palamedes (1601-1673).


Price: Sold for £1,827 in a no reserve eBay sale on 8th December 2013

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